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Efficient Distributed Energy Begins Here

Distributed energy is now the growth model for the world's energy needs

Distributed energy is any energy resource that is decentralized rather than at the hub of a grid. These sources can generate power from fossil fuel, wind and solar energy. They can avoid the cost and increasing unreliability of grid sources while providing significant increases in security of supply and enormous improvements in environmental cost.

Energy prices combined with regulatory pressure are also increasing the demand for distributed energy as traditional grids become less economical. In developing economies, energy demand outpaces the ability of traditional grid structures to supply energy regardless of cost.

The potential applications are limitless, from powering high-density urban residential dwellings to remote towns and villages and everything in between. In addition, there are remote backup and portable applications that cannot be served by a grid.

One of the best technologies for providing distributed energy is a fuel cell. They can operate on various fuels but are considered green because of their inherently low environmental impact and their ability to extract far more energy from every unit of fuel than historical methods - between 50%-100% more.