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Dr. Mohammad Enayetullah - Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Enayetullah is a founder of Trenergi and is the author or co-author of more than thirty patents in the field of fuel cells. Previously he was also a founder and CTO of Protonex Technology, an LTPEM fuel cell company, and Director of Technology at H Power/Johnson Matthey Fuel Cell Catalyst Group. Dr. Enayetullah received his PhD from Case Western Reserve University.

Gregory F. Resker - Chief StrategY Officer

Greg Resker was a founder, COO and President of Curtis Manufacturing Co., Inc., a manufacturer of a wide range of accessories in the personal computer marketplace which was acquired by Insilco Corporation. He has been involved in technology for thirty years and has provided management and technology consulting to many small businesses. Previously he held several positions at Codex corporation, a network equipment division of Motorola. He holds a BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MS from the Alfred P. Sloan School of MIT.